G type conversion single screw pump

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Basic Info

Model No.: BODA-167

Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump

Additional Info

Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 500

Brand: BODA

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: china

Supply Ability: 500

Certificate: ISO9901

HS Code: 4101201190

Port: Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

G type stainless steel explosion-proof frequency conversion single screw pump 2

G type stainless steel explosion-proof frequency conversion single screw pump 7

Flow rate: 0-150 m3/h;

Head: 0-240m;

Power: 0.75-37kw;

Speed: 500-960r/min;

Caliber: 20-135MM;

Temperature: -15-200 ° C

G type single screw pump product overview

      The G series single screw pump is a new type of pump that works according to the principle of twisting engagement volume. The main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). Due to the special geometry of the two components, a separate sealed cavity is formed, the medium is uniformly flowed from the axial direction, the internal flow velocity is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the pressure is stable, so that eddy currents and agitation are not generated. The output pressure of each pump is 0.6MPa, the head is 60m (clear water), and it is suitable for conveying medium temperature below 80 °C (special requirements up to 150 °C). Because the stator is made of a variety of elastic materials, the pump's delivery to high-viscosity fluids and the transport of hard suspended particulate media or fiber-containing media are not suitable for general pumping. The flow rate is proportional to the speed. The transmission can be directly driven by a coupling, or by a speed-regulating motor, a V-belt, a gearbox, etc. The pump has few parts, compact structure, small volume and simple maintenance, and the rotor and the stator are the wearing parts of the pump, and the structure is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble.

G type single screw pump product features

      G series single screw pump has strong self-priming ability and strong suction height; the screw pump has few parts, compact structure, small volume and simple maintenance. The rotor and stator are the wearing parts of the single screw pump, and the structure is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble. It is a new type of pump that works according to the principle of twisting and meshing volume. The main working components of the eccentric single screw pump are the eccentric screw (rotor) and the fixed bushing (stator). Use non-toxic and tasteless edible rubber, the working temperature can reach 120 degrees Celsius, if you use high temperature 120 degrees Celsius - 350 degrees Celsius, you can contact this unit. Due to the special geometrical beginnings of the two parts, separate sealing chambers are formed. The medium is uniformly propelled by the axial flow. The internal flow rate is low and the volume remains the same. The pressure is stable and therefore does not vortex and agitate the product. The output pressure of each pump is 0.6MPa-1.2MPa, the lift is 60m-120m (clear water), and the self-priming height is generally above 3m. It can be used as a self-priming sewage pump.

G type single screw pump product advantages

1. Compared with the centrifugal pump, the single screw pump does not need to install the valve, and the flow is a stable linear flow.

2. Compared with the pneumatic diaphragm pump, the single-screw pump can transport various mixed impurities containing gas and solid particles or fibers, and can also transport various corrosive substances.

3. Compared with gear pumps, single screw pumps can deliver high viscosity materials.

4. Unlike the plunger pump, diaphragm pump and gear pump, the screw pump can be used for filling and metering of medicaments.

G type single screw pump working principle

      The G series single screw pump is a rotor type positive displacement pump which relies on the screw and the bushing to mesh with each other to produce a volume change in the suction chamber and the discharge chamber to transport the liquid. It is an internal meshing hermetic screw pump. The main working part consists of a bushing (stator) with a double-headed spiral cavity and a single-ended screw (rotor) meshing therewith in the stator cavity. When the input shaft drives the rotor to rotate around the center of the stator through the universal joint, the stator-rotor pairs are continuously meshed to form a sealed cavity. The sealed chambers are uniformly moved in a constant axial direction, and the conveying medium is passed through the stator from the suction end. - The rotor pair is delivered to the extrusion end, and the medium sucked into the closed chamber flows through the stator without being agitated and destroyed.

G type single screw pump application range

Environmental protection: industrial sewage, domestic sewage, sludge turbid water containing solid particles and short fibers, especially used in oil-water separator plate and frame filter press equipment.

Shipbuilding industry: round bottom cleaning, oil water, oil residue, oil sewage and other ring transportation.

Petroleum industry: transporting crude oil, a mixture of crude oil and water, a mixture of coal gas and water, pouring polymers into the formation, and the like.

Medicine, daily: a variety of thick paste, emulsion, various ointment cosmetics

Food canning industry: all kinds of viscous starch, distiller's grains, grain slag, various sauces, pulp, solid slurry

Construction industry: spraying of cement mortar, lime slurry, paint, paste

Mining industry: solid particles, groundwater, and slurry water in mines

Chemical industry: various suspensions, greases, various colloidal pastes, various adhesives

Printing, papermaking: high viscosity ink, wallpaper PVC polymer paste and various concentrations of pulp, short fiber slurry

Industrial boilers and power plants: coal water slurry transportation

G type single screw pump use precautions

1. The single screw pump must determine the running direction before use, and must not be reversed.

2. Single-screw pump is strictly prohibited to run in the absence of medium to avoid damage.

3. The single screw pump of the single screw pump after new installation or shutdown for several days can not be started immediately. It should first inject a proper amount of oil into the G-type single-screw pump body, and then use the pipe wrench to move a few turns before starting.

4. After the single-screw pump delivers high-viscosity or medium containing particles and corrosive, flush with water or solvent to prevent blockage, so as to avoid difficulty in starting next time.

5. Single screw pump should line up in winter to prevent freezing cracks.

6. During the use of single screw pump, lubricating oil should be added regularly in the bearing housing. When it is found that there is seepage at the shaft end, it is necessary to timely process or change the oil seal.

7. If an abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the single-screw pump, stop immediately to check the cause and eliminate the malfunction.

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