G hand wheel speed control stepless pump

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Model No.: BODA-168

Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump

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G type hand wheel speed control stepless speed single screw pump 3

G type hand wheel speed control stepless speed single screw pump 0

The G-type single-screw pump is made of a variety of elastic materials for the stator. Therefore, the pump can transport 80% of the fluid with high viscosity and transport with hard suspended particulate media or fiber medium. characteristic. The flow rate is proportional to the rotational speed, and is widely used in industrial sectors such as food metallurgy, paper making, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, etc. The transmission can be directly driven by a coupling, or by a high-speed motor, a V-belt, a gearbox, etc.

Stainless steel single screw pump features

      The pump has few parts, compact structure, small volume and simple maintenance. The rotor and the stator are the wearing parts of the single screw pump, and the structure is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble. It is a new type of pump that works according to the principle of twisting and meshing volume. The main working components are the eccentric screw (rotor) and the fixed bushing (stator). Use non-toxic and tasteless edible rubber, the working temperature can reach 120 degrees Celsius, if you use high temperature 120 degrees Celsius - 350 degrees Celsius, you can contact this unit. Due to the special geometrical beginnings of the two parts, separate sealing chambers are formed. The medium is uniformly propelled by the axial flow. The internal flow rate is low and the volume remains the same. The pressure is stable and therefore does not vortex and agitate the product. The output pressure of each pump is 0.6MPa-1.2MPa, the lift is 60m-120m (clear water), and the self-suction height is generally above 3m.

G type stainless steel single screw pump application range

As a general-purpose pump, the screw pump can be adjusted according to the requirements by changing the speed. The running speed can be high or low, and the outlet pressure can be increased with the number of pumps. For each additional level, the pressure increases by 0.6MPA, in the following range and Widely used in the industry;

1. Environmental protection: the transportation of industrial sewage, domestic sewage, muddy water containing solid particles and short fibers, especially suitable for oil-water separators, plate and frame filter presses, etc.;

2. Shipbuilding industry: transportation of sewage medium such as low-cleaning, oil-water, oil residue and oil sewage;

3. Petroleum industry: transporting crude oil, a mixture of crude oil and water, a mixture of coal gas and water, pouring polymer into the formation, etc., thereby reducing the cost of mechanical oil recovery and coal mining gas, and increasing oil recovery;

4, medicine, daily: sticky thick paste, emulsion, the delivery of various ointment cosmetics;

5, food canning industry: a variety of fermented viscous starch, cooking oil, honey, syrup, fruit pulp, butter, fish oysters and the delivery of their scraps

6, brewing industry: a variety of fermented viscous liquid, distiller's grains, grain slag, various sauces, pulp and mucus containing fast solids;

7. Construction industry: spraying and conveying of cement mortar, lime slurry, paint and other pastes;

8. Mining industry: Groundwater and slurry water containing solid particles in the mine are discharged to the ground;

9. Chemical industry: various suspensions, greases, various colloidal pulps, various adhesives;

10, printing industry: high viscosity ink, PVC PVC polymer paste and various concentrations of pulp, short fiber slurry transport;

11. Industrial boilers: transportation of power plants and coal water slurry.

      Natural rubber has great elasticity, excellent tear resistance and good wear resistance, and is the preferred material for the stator. However, its oil and solvent resistance is not good, the acid and alkali corrosion resistance is low, and the heat resistance is not high, which limits the application surface. The use temperature is within 60 °C. Nitrile rubber is particularly resistant to gasoline and aliphatic hydrocarbon oils, has good heat resistance, good wear resistance, low elasticity compared to natural rubber, and generally has acid and alkali resistance, and is the same as natural rubber. Use temperature within 90 °C. Silicone rubber is non-toxic and tasteless, and is mainly used in food and pharmaceutical industries where there are hygienic requirements. The price is more expensive. It has high stability to thermal oxidation and ozone and is chemically inert. Use temperature within 100 °C. Fluororubber is resistant to acid and alkali, and oil resistance is resistant to oily rubber; it is excellent in chemical corrosion resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. expensive. Mainly used in high corrosion applications. The solvent rubber does not swell or very slightly swell in an organic solvent. Developed to transport organic solvents.

      The G series single screw pump is a new type of internal mesh rotary volume pump. It has the advantages of high efficiency, strong self-priming ability and wide application range. It can be transported by various pumps for various media that are difficult to transport. Therefore, a single screw pump is called a universal pump in foreign countries. The pump delivers neutral or corrosive liquids, clean or abrasive liquids, gases or bubble-producing liquids, high viscosity or low viscosity liquids, including liquids containing fibrous and solid materials.

Working principle and characteristics of G-type stainless steel single screw pump

      The working principle of the single-screw pump is that when the single-wire spiral rotor makes a planetary rotation around the stator axis in the stator hole of the double-line spiral, the closed cavity formed between the rotor and the stator pair will be continuous, uniform, and constant in volume. The medium is transported from the suction end to the extrusion end. Thanks to this clever working principle, the single-screw pump has the general performance of a general pump. Its remarkable features:

1. It can transport high viscosity medium. Depending on the size of the pump, the medium has a high viscosity of 37,000 centipoise - 200,000 centipoise.

2. It can transport media containing solid particles, grinding particles and fibers. The content can generally be as high as 40% of the medium. When the solid contained in the medium is powdery fine particles, the height can reach 70%. According to the size of the pump, the particle size of the solid particles in the medium is allowed to be 2 mm - 40 Millimeter.

3. The output liquid is continuous and uniform, the pressure is stable, the agitation is small, and the sensitive liquid does not change its composition.

4. There is a simple proportional relationship between flow rate and speed. The flow rate can be adjusted by adjusting the speed, and the variable speed motor can be used as a variable pump.

5. The pressure can be automatically adjusted with the resistance of the output pipe. Between 0 and 36 (kg/cm2) pressure, the user can easily adjust to the required pressure. This saves energy and prevents the pressure from being too high or too low to affect the process.

6. Simple structure, less wear and easy maintenance.

Compared to other types of pumps:

Compared to centrifugal pumps, single-screw pumps do not require a valve and flow is a steady linear flow.

Compared with the plunger pump, the single-screw pump has a better self-priming capacity and can absorb up to 8.5 meters of water.

Compared with diaphragm pumps, single-screw pumps can transport a variety of mixed impurities, media containing gases and solid particles or fibers, as well as a variety of corrosive substances.

Compared to gear pumps, single screw pumps deliver high viscosity materials.

Unlike plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps and gear pumps, single screw pumps can be used for filling and metering of medicaments.

G type stainless steel single screw pump application range

G series single screw pumps can be divided into the following three types according to the material:

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