SK series water ring vacuum pump

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Model No.: BODA-183

Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump

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Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 500

Brand: BODA

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Place of Origin: china

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Certificate: ISO9901

HS Code: 4101201190

Port: Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

SK series water ring vacuum pump 3

SK type water ring vacuum pump use and scope of use

SK type water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are used to pump or press gas and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, solid-free gas to form a vacuum or pressure in a closed container to meet process requirements. A small amount of liquid is allowed to be mixed in the gas to be inhaled or pumped.

SK type water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, sugar, printing and dyeing, metallurgy and electronics industries. Since the compression of the gas in the pump is carried out under isothermal conditions during the working process, it is less prone to danger when the flammable or explosive gas is pumped or sucked, so it is more widely used.

Working principle of SK type water ring vacuum pump

As shown in (1), the SK type water ring type vacuum pump is eccentrically mounted in the pump body 2, so that when the impeller 3 rotates, the water is subjected to centrifugal force to form a rotating water ring 5 on the inner wall of the pump body, water The inner surface of the upper part of the ring rotates in the direction of the arrow in the direction of the arrow. During the first half turn, the inner surface of the water ring SK type water ring vacuum pump is gradually separated from the hub, thus forming a closed space with the water ring between the impeller blades, with the impeller Rotation, the space is gradually enlarged, the space gas pressure is reduced, and the gas is taken into space; during the latter half turn, the inner surface of the SK-type water ring vacuum pump gradually approaches the hub, the space between the blades is gradually reduced, and the space gas pressure is increased. When the air is higher than the exhaust port, the gas between the blades is discharged. Thus, every time the impeller rotates, the space between the blades is sucked once, and many spaces are continuously operated, and the pump continuously sucks or presses the gas.

SK type water ring vacuum pump generates heat due to work in the process, which will cause the working water ring to heat up, and at the same time, part of the water and gas are discharged together. Therefore, during the work, the pump must be continuously supplied with water to cool and Replenish the water consumed in the pump to meet the working requirements of the pump.

When the gas discharged from the SK-type water ring vacuum pump is no longer used, a gas-water separator is connected to the exhaust end of the pump (a water tank can be made by itself), and the waste water and part of the water are discharged into the gas-water separator. The gas and water are separated, the gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe, and the remaining water is supplied to the pump through the return pipe for continued use. With the extension of working time, the working water temperature will continue to rise. At this time, a certain amount of cold water (tap water) should be supplied from the water separator of the gas-water separator to reduce the temperature of the working water and ensure that the SK-type water ring vacuum pump can reach Required technical requirements and indicators.

1. End cap 2. Pump body 3. Impeller 4. Vent hole 5. Water ring 6. Suction hole a. Rubber ball hole b. Pump body c. Exhaust pipe d Suction pipe e Suction hole f Inlet water

When the SK type water ring vacuum pump is used as a compressor, the pump exhaust port is connected with a gas water separator, and the gas and water mixture is automatically separated after entering the gas water separator, and the gas is sent from the exhaust pipe to the required system and the working water passes through. The automatic overflow is released from the switch. When the gas is compressed, the working water is very easy to generate heat. The water is discharged from the outlet of the SK-type water ring vacuum pump, and the temperature becomes higher. Therefore, at the bottom of the gas-water separator, the cold water is continuously supplied. The hot water that has been removed is supplemented, and at the same time, the cooling effect is applied, so that the working water temperature is not too high, thereby ensuring the performance of the compressor, meeting the technical specifications, and meeting the process requirements.

1. End cap 2. Exhaust disc 3. Rear bearing bracket 4. Bearing 5. Rear bearing city cover 6. Shaft 7. Garden nut 8. Rear bushing

9. Packing gland 10. Packing ring 11. Packing 12. Flat key 13. Impeller 14. Pump body 15. Suction disc 16. Front bushing 17. Front bearing frame 18. Front bearing gland 19. Flat key 20. Coupling 21. Water inlet pipe

Figure 3 SK-1.5/3 water ring vacuum pump structure

1. End cap 2. Rear suction exhaust disc 3. Impeller 4. Bearing frame 5. Round nut 6. Rear bearing gland 7. Shaft 8. Bearing 9. Rear bushing 10. Packing press ring 11. Packing 12. Packing pressure Ring 13. Flat key 14. Pump body 15. Connecting pipe 16. Front suction exhaust disk 17. Front bushing 18. Coupling device 19. Flat key 20. Nut nut 21. Front bearing gland

Structure description of SK type water ring vacuum pump

      The SK type water ring vacuum pump consists of a pump body, two end caps, an impeller, and a shaft. The intake pipe and the exhaust pipe are connected to the pump chamber through an intake hole and a vent hole on a disc mounted on the end cover, and the shaft is eccentrically mounted in the pump body, and the impeller is fixed to the shaft by a flat key. The total clearance on both ends of the SK-type water ring vacuum pump is adjusted by the pad between the pump body and the disc. The gap between the impeller and the disc on the end cap is made by the bushing (SK-1.5/3/6) or back. The cap (SK-12/20/30) pushes the impeller to adjust, while the SK-42 shaft and the impeller have an interference fit. This gap is determined by the front end positioning, SK-42/60/85/120 has no bushing, and the rest The structure is the same as that of SK-6/12/20/30. The gap between the end faces of the impeller and the end cap disc determines the amount of gas loss and the ultimate pressure in the pump chamber from the inlet to the exhaust port.

The SK type water ring vacuum pump packing is installed in the two end covers, and the seal does not enter the packing through the small holes in the end cover, cooling the packing and enhancing the sealing effect. The supplementary water required for the impeller to form the water ring is supplied by the water supply pipe, and the water supply pipe can be connected with the gas water separator to circulate water.

The SK type water ring vacuum pump seal adopts a mechanical seal, and the mechanical seal is installed in the filler cavity, and the filler is omitted. The packing gland is replaced by a mechanical gland, and the rest of the structure is the same. The bearing is fixed to the shaft by a nut.

The SK type water ring vacuum pump is equipped with a disc on the end cover, and the disc is provided with suction, exhaust holes and rubber ball valves. The function of the rubber ball valve is to discharge the gas before the exhaust port when the gas pressure between the impeller blades reaches the exhaust pressure, thereby reducing the power consumed due to excessive gas pressure, thereby reducing power consumption.

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