ISGB type demolition vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

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Model No.: BODA-089

Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump

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Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 500

Brand: BODA

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: china

Supply Ability: 500

Certificate: ISO9901

HS Code: 4101201190

Port: Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

ISGB type demolition vertical pipeline centrifugal pumpdisassembled pipeline centrifugal pump 1

Disassembled Pipe Centrifugal Pump Overview

      The ISGB type split vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is a new and technologically advanced product developed on the basis of the ISG pump. The vertical portable pipe centrifugal pump farewell is a bold breakthrough design on the overall structure. The use of independent bearing body and pump shaft support solves the inadequacy of the original vertical pump by the motor bearing support; the impeller with excellent hydraulic model eliminates the insufficiency of the original vertical pump axial force; the motor adopts Y The series of standard universal motors solves the problem of replacement of the original vertical pump and long shaft motor. At the same time, 100% of the structure is dismantled, which solves the problem of replacing the bearings, mechanical seals, impellers and pump shafts of high-power pumps.

      Compared with domestic similar products, the disassembled pipeline centrifugal pump has the advantages of more stable operation, long service life, more convenient matching, easier maintenance and the like, and has no substitute. It is in the forefront of the domestic vertical pump series, and its various technologies are leading domestically. It is an ideal product for replacing various conventional centrifugal pumps such as ISG vertical pump, IS centrifugal pump and S-type double suction pump.

Disassembled Pipe Centrifugal Pump Features

1. Vertical structure, convenient installation and debugging. The uniquely designed motor and pump body are connected by connecting body. The concentricity is high, the processing precision is high, the floor space is greatly reduced, and the investment in pump house construction is reduced by 30%-60%. The stable foot, compact structure, exquisite casting and appearance treatment give the new centrifugal pump a new aesthetic, which makes the product look beautiful and can compete with the famous pumps of famous foreign manufacturers.

2. It is equipped with Y series standard universal motor produced by famous domestic manufacturers, with stable operation and extremely low noise.

3. The bearing adopts international famous brand precision bearings with high precision, good reliability and long service life.

4. The impeller adopts the hydraulic model of excellent self-balancing axial force in the 1990s, which greatly extends the service life of pump bearings and mechanical seals.

5. The bearings in the motor bearing housing are equipped with oiling holes and oil draining holes, which are very convenient for the maintenance of the bearings.

6, detachable hard intermediate coupling, so that the pump starts without vibration, no noise, the rotating parts are equipped with a reliable safety shield, and the safety is excellent.

7. The mechanical seal is made of stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber and other materials. It is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, has long operating life, no leakage, no wear on the shaft, and ensures a clean working environment.

8. The pump cover structure is unique in design. As long as the hard intermediate coupling and the pump cover nut are removed, the bearing housing can be taken out very easily. Pump cover, pump shaft, impeller, etc., to replace the mechanical seal and impeller, without having to disassemble the motor, pump body and pipeline, maintenance is convenient and quick.

Main use of split pipeline centrifugal pump

1. ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is used for conveying clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire boosting, long-distance transportation. , HVAC cycle, bathroom and other cold and warm water circulation pressurization and equipment, the use temperature T <80 °C.

2, IRG (GRG) vertical hot water (high temperature) circulation pump is widely used in: energy, metallurgy, chemical, textile, paper, and hotels, hotels, high-temperature hot water pressurized circulation and heating system circulation pump, IRG The type use temperature is T < 120 ° C, and the GRG type use temperature T < 240 ° C.

3, IHG vertical pipeline chemical pump, for transporting liquids without solid particles, corrosive, viscosity similar to water, suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, paper, food, pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber sectors, use temperature It is -20 ° C ~ 120 ° C.

4. YG vertical pipeline oil pump is used to transport petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel. The temperature of the medium to be transported is -20 °C ~ +120 °C.

Disassembled pipeline centrifugal pump working conditions

1. The high working pressure of the pump system is 1.6MPa, that is, the pump suction pressure + pump head ≤1.6MPA (the pump head working pressure is greater than 1.6MPa should be separately proposed in the order, so that the pump's over-current parts and coupling parts are used in manufacturing. Cast steel).

2. The transport medium is clear water or other liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. (The transport medium with fine particles should be specified separately at the time of ordering in order to assemble a wear-resistant mechanical seal).

3, the ambient temperature ≤ 40 ° C, altitude ≤ 1000m, relative humidity ≤ 95%          

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