2CY series gear oil pump

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Basic Info

Model No.: BODA-202

Product Name: S Series Double Suction Pump

Additional Info

Packaging: wooden box

Productivity: 500

Brand: BODA

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: china

Supply Ability: 500

Certificate: ISO9901

HS Code: 4101201190

Port: Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai

Product Description

2CY series gear oil pump gear type lubrication pump 4

2CY series gear oil pump|Gear type lubrication pump is mainly used for conveying lubricating oil in lubricating system in various mechanical equipment. It is suitable for conveying lubricity below 10°E (75C.ST) and temperature below 80°C. Oil material is also suitable for conveying corrosive, non-lubricating medium containing solid particles. If high temperature is required, contact with the unit can be used with high temperature resistant materials. For the transportation of non-lubricating oils, beverages, and low-corrosion water, please use the whole stainless steel gear pump.

In addition to ordinary motors, this series of gear oil pumps can also be equipped with explosion-proof motors of the same specifications according to user needs. Users should propose explosion-proof grades of explosion-proof motors (KB, B2d, B3d).

Gear oil pump structure description

This product consists of zero parts and components such as pump body, gear, front and rear pump cover, safety valve, bearing and sealing device.

1. The pump body, front and rear cover and other parts are gray cast iron parts, the gears are made of high quality carbon steel; they can also be made of copper or stainless steel according to user needs.

2. Safety valve.

The 2CY series gear lubrication pump does not have a safety valve itself. Users need to install a safety valve in the pipeline system when using it. KCB, 2CY series gear-type oil pump is equipped with a safety valve above the rear pump cover or pump body. When the pump or discharge pipe fails or the discharge valve is completely closed to generate high pressure and high pressure shock, the safety valve will automatically open and unload. In addition to some or all of the high pressure liquid returning to the suction chamber, it provides a safe protection for the pump and the pipeline.

3. Bearings.

2CY series gear lubrication pumps all use DU bearings; tin bronze bearings can be used according to user requirements. &0818.3-83.3, 2CY1.1 gear type oil pump adopts DU bearing; tin bronze bearing can be used according to user requirements.

KCB133-960, 2CY8-60 gear type oil pump has three structures: DU bearing, tin bronze bearing and rolling bearing, which need to be specified when ordering. Those who are not indicated at the time of ordering are supplied in accordance with the DU bearing structure.

The bearings are built-in and rely on the medium being conveyed for lubrication; the 011 bearings and tin bronze bearings work in non-lubricating media.

4, shaft seal.

The shaft end seals of this series have three structures: skeleton oil seal, mechanical seal and packing seal.

a. Skeleton oil seal: The skeleton oil seal is characterized by convenient maintenance and replacement, low cost, and short life. Dingqing rubber skeleton oil seal is suitable for 1001: the following working environment; fluororubber skeleton oil seal is suitable for working environment below 200 °C.

b. 1 Mechanical seal: The mechanical seal is characterized by reliable sealing, long service life and high cost. The mechanical seal base is made of stainless steel, and the moving and static ring-shaped media are made of YG8 cemented carbide or YG8-graphite, respectively, and the use temperature is below 200 °C.

c. Packing seal: Packing seal is only used for high temperature oil pump, which is characterized by high temperature resistance and a small amount of leakage. During the use, it is necessary to adjust according to the leakage condition. The use temperature is below 250 °C: below.

What type of sealing structure the user needs is specified when ordering. All those who do not indicate when ordering are supplied according to the Dingqing rubber skeleton oil seal structure.

5, inlet and outlet port type:

The inlet and outlet of the 2CY series gear lubrication pump are the British pipe thread (G) corresponding to the diameter, which is directly made on the pump body.

KCB18.3-200, 2CY1.1-12 gear type oil pump is equipped with a waist flange with pipe thread; the other pumps are not equipped with flanges. When users need to wear flanges, they should be indicated in the order.

6. The pump and motor are connected by a flexible coupling and mounted on a common chassis.

Precautions when using

1, installation

a. Before installation, check whether the pump is damaged during transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the dust cover of the pump inlet and outlet is damaged, and the dirt enters the pump chamber.

b. Clean the inner wall of the pipe with clean water or steam before installing the pipe. When installing, avoid the weight of the pipeline to be borne by the pump, so as not to affect the accuracy and life of the pump.

c. The oil pump should be as close as possible to the oil pool; the joints of the pipelines must not leak or leak, otherwise there will be no liquid absorption.

d. In order to prevent dirt such as particle shields from entering the pump, a metal filter should be installed at the suction port with a filtration accuracy of 30 mesh/in and a filtration area that is more than three times larger than the cross-sectional area of the inlet pipe.

e. Import and export pipelines It is recommended to install a vacuum gauge and a pressure gauge to monitor the working condition of the pump.

f. When the oil pool is deep, the suction line is long or the medium viscosity is high and the vacuum is too high, the inlet pipe can be thickened first. The bottom valve should also be installed when the suction line is long.

2. Inspection before work

a. Whether the fasteners of the pump are secure.

b. Whether the rotation of the drive shaft is light and heavy.

c. Is the valve in and out of the pipe open?

d. Whether the direction of rotation of the pump meets the requirements.

e. Inject the appropriate amount of media into the pump before initial use.

3. Maintenance at work

a. Note that the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge readings of the pump should be within the specifications specified by the pump.

b. When the pump has abnormal noise or excessive temperature rise during operation, stop pump check immediately.

c. Under normal circumstances, the safety valve should not be adjusted arbitrarily. If adjustment is needed, it should be calibrated with the instrument. Make the shutoff pressure of the safety valve the pump

d. 1.5-2 times the rated pressure.

4, the pump stops

a. Turn off the power.

b. Close the inlet and outlet piping valves.

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